Voodoo Canape

by Midnight Woolf

  • Voodoo Canape
    Compact Disc (CD)

    The break-through album with classics such as, "Mushroom Munchin Moonhowler", "Don't wanna work", "More Hot-nuts", "You Tonight", "River Swamp Stomp" and the cover of the Monsters favourite; "Record Junkie". This album is the first Midnight Woolf album to feature vocals, it was written and recorded in a three month stint in Valencia Spain. The classic Midnight Woolf sound emerged from the Valencian swamp on VOODOO CANAPE. Recorded in 2007. The Crossbone Recording Company

    Track List:

    Fucked Up Baby / What Have I Done
    More Hot-Nuts
    Don't Wanna Work
    The Mushroom Munchin' Moonhowler
    You Tonight
    The Trouble Twist
    River Swamp Stomp
    Born To Lose
    What's Going On?
    Record Junkie
    Oh! Girl!

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released December 10, 2012



Midnight Woolf Melbourne, Australia

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